Growing up in Norwich, NY, Michael Hull realized the need in the area for home renovators that are professional and dependable. Attending SUNY Delhi from 2009 - 2013, he graduated with a degree in Construction Management. It was shortly after that Michael was hired by the Turner Construction Company where he has spent the last 6 and a half years serving as a construction manager/superintendent, running a variety of multi-million-dollar projects. His most recent projects include: the capital improvements projects at both the Sidney Central School District and the Lafayette Central School District. It was during his time at Sidney that he met Catherine.

Catherine D'Agostino grew up on Long Island, NY and moved up to Oneonta to pursue an adolescent teaching degree in social studies. Graduating in 2016, she quickly got hired as a 9th grade global history teacher within the Sidney Central School District where she still currently teaches. Towards the end of her first-year teaching, she began to notice Michael as he rushed around the hallways ensuring that his construction jobs were productively getting accomplished. The two finally began talking and the rest is history. She is currently working on her master's degree in adolescent literacy from SUNY Oneonta.

Moving in together, the couple began to renovate their outdated Norwich home. Beginning with the master bedroom, bathroom, and living room, each project looked better than the last. Michael coached Catherine as she learned to spackle, caulk and even tile a floor. It was through the time that they spent together, working on each project, that Michael realized he truly enjoys the transformation that occurs from start to finish when working on a project. As the demands of corporate life increased combined with the desire to be closer to home and his family, he decided to pursue his dream. Having considered starting his own business since high school, it was through this need for a change that the CNY Building Group was formed, and his dream turned into a reality.

Through constant and reliable communication, Michael and Catherine will work with you to ensure that the true potential of your home is reached. With an emphasis on family values, they show up to create a comfortable and affordable home for your family.