Q: What type of roofing materials do you use?

The brand of roofing material we use is Owens Corning. The types of roofs we install are metal and shingle roofs.

Q: How long does replacing a roof typically take?

Typically, a roof replacement takes 1-3 weeks depending on size and complexity.

Q: How can we get an estimate?

Contact me directly at 607-337-8000 and I will be happy to provide a quote.

Q: Do we have to be out of the house when you are replacing the roof?

You absolutely do not have to be out of the house when we are replacing your roof. The goal is for you to not know we are there and provide superior customer service.

Q: Will you work with my insurance company to help me move forward with my roofing job?

We will work to accommodate with your needs.

Q: What sets you apart from your competition?

We are professional and take time to discuss your needs and concerns, we really take the time to listen to what you want and not tell you what you need.

Q. What should I think about when asking about a remodel?

When thinking about a remodel, have a budget in mind and a vision for your space, from there we can help you plan your project from start to completion.

Q. How long will my remodel take?

Depending on complexity and size of your remodel it could take anywhere from 2 weeks -2 months.

Q. How can I give my space a new look without completely remodeling it?

Updating flooring and trim work along with paint can be a fairly quick project and will have a huge impact on the appearance of your space.

Q. If I do decide to completely remodel my kitchen, what decisions are involved in this?

The first step will be deciding the extent of the remodel. We need to determine if the floorplan is going to remain or it will be altered and changed. Also, you will need to have a plan for cooking while the kitchen is being constructed. This alone can be very stressful and make or break a project.

Q. What should the customer know about your pricing (e.g., discounts, fees)?

We try to provide our customers with the most cost-effective pricing including quality and value.

Q. Can you help with the design phase of my project?

We specialize in planning your project. From the very start to completion. Depending on your individual needs we can help to develop a plan that stays within your budget and accomplishes project goals.